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Welcome to my blog!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and taking a peak.  Now I never claim to know everything, or be perfect, or even being able to spell!  I work really hard to not only be a good photographer, but have a personal connection to my clients and understanding what they want (especially when they might not know).  In addition I love to help others improve their own pictures.  Let's face one can afford a personal photographer to follow them around 24/7 (but if you do know someone give them my name!). 

My blog has a collection of advise, current photo experiences and the personal updates.  My new 2012 series (TT- Tipsy Thursday) is a combo of all kinds of questions I've received, things I've seen & even those mistakes I've made in my years of shooting.  I'm ALWAYS in need to know what other people want to hear about, so please email me with ANY suggestions.  Again thanks for stoping by and hopefully you enjoy!

Thursday, July 01 2010

While clothing is an accessory and the focus is on you in a picture, remember it still maters!   Even if you have a FAVORITE shirt/outfit but it's "showing it's age" that will really come across in pictures.  If you have been wearing it for years chances are it's been washed beyond it's life cycle for print.  That faded look is ok sometimes but if the shirt was black and is now turning gray or the edges are not so crisp & the seems are coming out...not the best look.  And if you have an outfit that "used" to fit like a glove...but a few years later it's pinching in a few spots, that will most likely show.  Don't spend time in your shoot trying to hide the flaws in your clothes, spend it looking fabulous and having a blast! 

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