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Welcome to my blog!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and taking a peak.  Now I never claim to know everything, or be perfect, or even being able to spell!  I work really hard to not only be a good photographer, but have a personal connection to my clients and understanding what they want (especially when they might not know).  In addition I love to help others improve their own pictures.  Let's face one can afford a personal photographer to follow them around 24/7 (but if you do know someone give them my name!). 

My blog has a collection of advise, current photo experiences and the personal updates.  My new 2012 series (TT- Tipsy Thursday) is a combo of all kinds of questions I've received, things I've seen & even those mistakes I've made in my years of shooting.  I'm ALWAYS in need to know what other people want to hear about, so please email me with ANY suggestions.  Again thanks for stoping by and hopefully you enjoy!

Thursday, June 28 2012

Tipsy Thursday #25

I've got a few things that make your wedding pictures a whole lot better and sometime not embarrassing!

  1. When you're kissing your partner, first kiss is up to you but it's to your own taste if you want to look like you're making out in front of your entire family.  Back to the topic...when you're kissing your partner keep you lips relaxed but more closed than open.  Hold your kisses for around 3 second or longer.  Your photographer wants to get several shots and quick touch of your lips isn't good enough.  Also don't over pucker your lips, if you're in doubt what looks like too much....PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR!
  2. When feeding cake to each other, don't get a huge'll have to over extend your jaw and just look funny.  But especially for guys, don't stick you tongue out!  It is natural for some to do this when they put food in their mouth and it just looks silly when you're supposed to be in this sweet moment together.
  3. Remember red wine not only stains your dress when your drunk uncle Bob knocks your drink but it stains your lips/tongue.  Little bit is ok but if your downing the glasses of red vino all night...your pictures when you're leaving will be "interesting" to say the least.
  4. Inform your maid of honor that part of her duties are to help with your dress/veil/etc.  That means when you're taking pictures with your husband she needs to be helping make your dress look just right, making sure your veil isn't folded over or your necklace doesn't have the chain turned to the front.  YES your photographer should notice all these things, but if your MOH is there to do the correcting your pictures will be over that much quicker!  Then you can return to the party!!!
  5. In rehearsal, work with your wedding party on the right speed to walk down the aisle.  You don't want to fall asleep slow but a slower tempo will allow your photographer to get a few shots of everyone and not a blur as they run down the aisle!
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Thursday, June 21 2012

Tipsy Thursday #24

I want to point out a few tips on using flash that I have seen out and about.  The other day at a Astros game the lovely girl behind me was using her flash to take pictures with her on camera flash.  While our seats are 8 rows from the field it's still double or triple digits to her subject.  That on camera flash is going to do NOTHING.  Over 15 feet that small flash wont do much, so at 50 you are wasting the flash and blinding your neighbors! 
Second thing I would like to mention, when you are taking a picture through glass...turn the flash off.  The glare the flash will cause you to not be able to see the other side that you are trying to shoot.  The focus will probably be off as well, since the camera will be confused on what to focus on.
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Thursday, June 14 2012

Tipsy Thursday #23

Cameras are just eaters of battery life!  The best habit to get into is leaving the house with a fully charged battery and when you get home put your camera/battery on the charger right away.  Second best tip is to get at least one extra battery, I have three for one of my models and 5 for another.  Now if you forget and are running low on your battery life, first if you use the screen on the back to take pictures...turn it off.  Once you take a picture and look at it, hit the button just a little bit to turn the screen off.  The back screen is the main cause of the drain so keep it off as much as possible!
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Thursday, June 07 2012

Tipsy Thursday #22

Simply put white balance is how your camera deals with the lighting in the area your are shooting.  Our eyes adjust for us but different kinds of light bulbs and full sun/cloudy stormy skies will give different tones in photography.  If you're in auto mode the camera does it's best to read  your surroundings.  But there are presets to tell your camera what your conditions are in and even a custom setting to tell it EXACTLY your lighting situation. 
Now each camera is different on how the model/brand likes to work, but custom white balance is marked by WB.  Most slr's when you hold that button down will give you the option to scroll down the options.  To set your own white balance go to PRE.  It will start to flash, the means it's ready for your to take a picture of a white or grey card/piece of paper (look in your book on which your model wants you to use).  You need to have this take the full frame but don't block any lighting that will be on your subjects.  After you take that picture your camera should show something either GOOD or NO GOOD.  Now it's that easy!!!
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