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Welcome to my blog!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and taking a peak.  Now I never claim to know everything, or be perfect, or even being able to spell!  I work really hard to not only be a good photographer, but have a personal connection to my clients and understanding what they want (especially when they might not know).  In addition I love to help others improve their own pictures.  Let's face one can afford a personal photographer to follow them around 24/7 (but if you do know someone give them my name!). 

My blog has a collection of advise, current photo experiences and the personal updates.  My new 2012 series (TT- Tipsy Thursday) is a combo of all kinds of questions I've received, things I've seen & even those mistakes I've made in my years of shooting.  I'm ALWAYS in need to know what other people want to hear about, so please email me with ANY suggestions.  Again thanks for stoping by and hopefully you enjoy!

Thursday, September 20 2012

Tipsy Thursday #36

I'm often asked if I do one on one lessons....the answer is YES!  I love to be able to make my client's pictures better and really using the one on one treatment to target my lessons to what they are shooting.  The other day I was at a session and I found a new feature that was on my client's brand new camera.  This came from the vendor all ready set this way and I have to warn people of this!  She then explained she was really confused by these pictures she took the other day in full manual (meaning she told the camera what f/stop and shutter speed).  But from one picture to the next she would see a huge difference.  I noticed "ISO AUTO" flashing on her screen on top, I asked her about it and she had not put that on.  I looked threw her old files and would see while the camera settings stayed the same her ISO would go from 400 to 3600 and everywhere in between from one shot to the next.  I pulled her menu up right away and took that OFF!  ISO is like the old film cameras film speed...the higher the number the less light you need but the more noise you will have (see my entry to learn more:  Letting your camera pick that is ok on the fly to use that to help your camera make good choices.  If you're in manual NEVER use and auto ISO speed.  This is why...I used the same settings below, only difference was my ISO and see how much that affects the picture.

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