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I am your portable photography studio, coming to your home, office or any other location.  I work primarily in Montgomery County, based out of The Woodlands.  But travel to all areas in and around Houston.  To accommodate schedules of work, school and just life... I shoot 7 days a week and evenings as well.  I photograph family and single portraits, weddings, beloved pet portraits, product shots, business portraits, head shots, real estate promotions and create customized artistic pieces for all sorts of clients. 



I'm excited you have taken the time to stop by my site and I Can't Wait To Shoot You! 

 Here are the steps on how you go from looking at the great pictures in your hand! 

Step 1: Getting Ready

First I need to understand what you are looking for.  I'll explain the different options and get ideas on what your needs are.  Indoors, outdoors, who is going to be in the shoot, photos you have seen and liked/disliked, what have you done in the past and most importantly what's you end goal.  

Step 2: Taking the Pictures

I work 7 days a week and work around your schedule.  It takes about 20 minutes to set up indoors and just a few minutes for outdoors.  Typical shoots are close to an hour outside & 1  1/2 hours indoors, with newborns being closer to 3.  I like to get plenty of variety, this being the angles/expressions/lighting and backgrounds.  At the end of the day there are LOTS of pictures, small shoot are at least 100 pictures, I've never been accused of not taking enough pictures!

Step 3: Viewing the Pictures

As a client you get your very own web page on my website.  This page is not directly accessible to the public, the link is sent to you by email so only you and anyone you share it with have the address.  Making it easy for the family/friends to view from out of state or country.  It takes a mater of days to get pictures online in your own webpage, see an example of your own personal web page here!!!

Step 4: Pick Your Prints

Simply select your favorite images, items you desire & in no time you have memories for a lifetime.  There is an excel order form right off your web page to download to easily keep track of your image numbers/sizes & notes. 

You'll receive a final confirmation on the correct images/sizes as well as a price quote.  Family members can do the same thing and shipping is available.  Your photos remain on the website for a year at least, after that they are put in the archives and are available for re-orders in the future.  Depending on how many years pass a slight recover fee might apply. 

What are the TOP 5 differences between me and another photographer? 

Look at sitting fees, pricing on prints/products as well as package deals, get details on different choices of things to do with your images including all kinds of collage options!  Don't forget to check out the seasonal specials

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